Retirement Planning – 3 Crucial Questions

RETIREMENT PLANNING 3 Critical Questions to Answer Retirement planning creates plenty of anxiety for many. We move clients from a place of fear and frustration to being confident in their retirement plan. In that light, we are providing you with three questions and their answers that are critical to the success of your retirement plan. … Read more

The Power of Roth Conversions for Retirement

When we plan for retirement, one of the strategies that can be counter-intuitive, but extremely powerful is looking at Roth IRA conversions, especially in the early years of retirement. When I say it can be counter-intuitive, it’s hard to think about paying a lot of taxes now to save on taxes later. A lot of … Read more

Profit Sharing Bonanza

Profit sharing plans can be a big deal for successful business owners. Many successful business owners will use profit sharing plans because it has a big impact on their financials in multiple different ways, especially among more white collar business owners that have been successful is. Think of doctors, lawyers, dentists, therapists, chiropractors. The list … Read more

Retirement Account SNAFU

Man, there are a lot of different types of retirement accounts. We’ll try to clarify what these things are. So that way you can understand how to use them and what the benefits are. And I pray that someday maybe Congress will simplify all of this so there aren’t so many different types of accounts … Read more

When Life is Short

Yes, unfortunately for many people, life is short. We’ve all known people who have either died young or had some medical issues that have really limited their quality of life, and with that perspective, it’s not to be negative. It’s simply to say, okay, what do we do from a finance perspective? Because we often … Read more

No Tax Now and Tax Free Later with HSAs

Let’s talk about health savings accounts. We’ll talk about what they are, and how they can provide some big tax benefits for you. So health savings accounts are often kinda confusing and can get confused with FSA accounts, which is a completely different animal. FSA stands for flexible spending account. And those accounts, it’s a … Read more

Health Savings Accounts

Hi. This is Dave Zaegel. Let’s talk about health savings accounts. We’ll talk about what they are and how they can really benefit you if you’re able to use them. We’ll also contrast them with IRA accounts. We’ll show you a comparison to see how they match up with retirement savings because you can actually … Read more

Monte Carlo Simulation

Hi, this is Dave Zaegel. Let’s talk about Monte Carlo Simulations. You may be wondering what in the world is a Monte Carlo Simulation? What does it have to do with anything business or finance related? Well, Monte Carlo Simulations sounds fancy, and in some ways it is, but really when you break it down … Read more

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