Business Owners

Business Owners

Do your business and family responsibilities leave you with little time to plan your finances? We understand how busy you are, and we can help. We work with clients in the most efficient manner possible by utilizing top-notch technology tools and by focusing on specific topics as we go, rather than trying to tackle everything all at once.

How we Can Help

Tax Planning

When business owners come to us seeking help, the number one frustration we hear is that they are lacking tax help. In many cases, they already work with an accountant who prepares the tax returns. However, they do not receive any guidance or longer-term planning. Being CPA owned and operated, we understand the frustration. We work with our clients to reduce taxes not only in the near-term, but over the long-term as well.

Also, in conjunction with CPAs for Hire, our services include your tax return preparation. See Pricing below for more details.

Understanding Your Financial Statements

Owning a business means that your personal finances are tied directly to the results of your business. We have the expertise necessary to understand your business’ financial statements and ultimately how that impacts you.


We work with you to look out into the future and understand what future growth or a business sale would mean to your financial plan.

Saving Outside the Business

Business owners tend to have their wealth tied-up heavily in the business itself, which is understandable. We work with you over time to diversify some of your overall wealth out of the business as protection against any potential declines in the business.


We believe that pricing should be as simple and transparent as possible. As such, we use revenue as a proxy for the complexity of planning necessary, especially in terms of tax planning. All amounts include preparation of your personal tax return and one business tax return. If you feel you have a special circumstance, please contact us regarding pricing.:


$ 1 Million or Less

$ 1-5 Million

Over $5 Million

Monthly Price



Please contact us for pricing

Initial Planning Fee



Please contact us for pricing

Start Planning Your
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