You have worked hard and now you are planning the next phase of life: retirement.  It’s a simple concept, but no two retirements are the same.  We want to understand what your retirement will be and ensure that the proper strategies and tactics are used to achieve it.

How we Can Help

Retirement Planning

Many variables impact the success of a retirement plan.  Some include:

  • When do I retire?
  • Do I work part-time for a while?
  • When do I take social security?
  • How is my health?
  • Could I reduce my taxes?

We put all of this together in a detailed plan and work with you to adjust that plan along the way as life changes.

Tax Planning

For many, one of the largest costs in retirement are taxes that you will pay on money from retirement investment accounts and social security.  Being CPA owned and operated, we provide a detailed plan of how to best receive that money over time to reduce the total taxes paid and thereby increase the money you have for your retirement.

Also, in conjunction with CPAs for Hire our services include your income tax return preparation for any portfolios we manage that are $500,000 or higher.

Investment Management

We have a particular expertise in investment management that sets us apart from other investment managers.  We use our accounting and investment backgrounds to understand how individual companies are performing.  That allows us to select individual stocks and use stock options to pursue higher and more consistent returns while reducing overall risk.


The price for the initial set-up and planning is $1,375.  The ongoing pricing thereafter for all the planning and investment management is based a percentage of assets that we manage for you:


Up to $1M


Between $1-2 Million


Above $2 Million

Start Planning Your
Financial Future

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