Corporate Executives

Corporate Executives

Do your work and family responsibilities leave you with little time to plan your finances? We understand. We’ve been there. We work with clients in the most efficient manner possible by utilizing top-notch technology tools and by focusing on specific topics as we go, rather than trying to tackle everything all at once.

How we Can Help

Stock Compensation

The most common reason that corporate executives ask for our help is questions about stock compensation. They have company stock but are not sure the best way to handle it, especially from a tax perspective. Furthermore, if it is a public company, you have black-out periods and extra reporting requirements. At private companies, you may have stock or the right to purchase more but are not sure if and when you will be able to sell. We work with you to determine the best long-term strategy and tactics for handling stock compensation.

Tax Planning

Being CPA owned and operated, we have an emphasis on reducing your taxes over the long-term. Often, that involves analyzing the aforementioned stock compensation to ensure taxes are optimized for any sales of stock. But tax planning also includes where to best save money for retirement and how to maximize tax deductions, especially as tax laws change.

Also, in conjunction with CPAs for Hire, our services include your income tax return preparation.

Investment Management

We have a particular expertise in investment management that sets us apart from other investment managers. We use our accounting and investment backgrounds to understand how individual companies are performing. That allows us to select individual stocks and use stock options to pursue higher and more consistent returns while reducing overall risk.


We believe that pricing should be as simple and transparent as possible. As such, we use gross income as a proxy for the complexity of planning necessary. All amounts include preparation of your tax return.


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